Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I got 4 more lo's done last week. I don't think I will have it finished before Saturday night.
Went to the movies last Tuesday night to see The Good Shepherd, it was very good.
Got 2 Cd's Ryan Adams which I really like and Ray LaMontagne it's good.
When for a interview last Saturday at mid-day for an bar job, got it that afternoon. I started on Sunday night, which was quite and I am doing every Sunday and Tuesday nights so far so good.
Midnite Cafe were playing in the Greyhound last Friday night instead of the Hurley's Rose text me and Aileen and myself went out. Brilliant as always.

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CarolineO said...

God, i'm in shock...no photos of Midnite cafe this week!!
Lovely LO's, love the last one specially. Is the swirly bit a stamp? Will be round to borrow it!