Thursday, March 22, 2007


Got the covers done for my cj yesterday. My theme is Music that makes you smile.
Audrey has organising the cj's from craft supplies site and everyone is swapping at Crafteire which is only an month away, can't wait.
Went to the movies last night with Elise to see Becoming Jane, a very good movie bring a tissue.


Gillian Hamilton said...

What a wonderful theme for your CJ.. love that you've used a CD, looks great!

Rainowgirl said...

Hi - I've come to your site from the Daring CardMakers site, so don't know actually know what CJ is (yet!), but I love this. It all fits together so well.


Anonymous said...

I think the cover of your CJ is great... can't wait to see when all the pages are done... hope you will show us on your blog :)

Audrey said...

Just seeing your blog now Maura - love the CJ, really excited now ;-) Have mine nearly done, just need to do an intro x

Kate said...

Hi Maura, Didn't realise you were blogging. I'm doing this cj too, I think I better get a move on, so far I've gotten as far as buying the cj LOL. See you at crafteire