Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Christmas Came Early

Last Sunday Kerry beat Mayo in the All-Ireland 4-15 to 4-5. It was a good won didn't see it as I was in bed for work that night, saw bits of the repeart that night. On Sunday night Midnite Cafe were playing, brilliant band can't wait for their new ablum to come out.
O n Monday morning I was told that it was the last day for minding the 3 kids that I looked after, I only had them for 8 months. Miss them around the place.
I got the last 2 lo's of Michelle's ablum done and 1 of Lisa's lo done just 1 to go now.
Last Tuesday Christmas came early instead of santa the postman called with my 5 kits from Paper Posies. Love, Love , Love this kit. I got the September, August, July, June and the January kits, I would have got more but the rest are sold out. I joined the club in August and cut down my kit from Club Scrap. I will get 2 kits together every two months.
Last week I got the September kit from Bumbleberry, it was lovely. Looking forward to next month one.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lisa and Michelle's Party

On Friday night Lisa and Michelle had they 21st birthday partyin the Grand Hotel. It started at 9.45 over at 3.00 or there abouts. Lisa got her dress in Dublin and shoes in Killarney which was a size to big, her feet are still sore. The girls loved they scrapbooks only have to do 2 more lo now from their big night. Her friends came from Dublin and stayed in Bobby and Aileen's houses. All Lisa's friends went back to Aileen's place for a house party, I got to bed at 4.00, I had work to next night. Everyone had a great night.
On Saturday night Lisa and Michelle's friends went to the greyhound track and then went for a few drinks. On Sunday everyone went home.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Prize

Last Friday Caroline phoned while I was out walking to tell me that I won first prize for my Hydrangea lo with the Cork Art Supplies competition, I was over the moon. I will will get a book of paper stack and embellishments in the post.
At 6.30 I headed off for Caroline's, I got the cover for Michelle's album done. I got a brill present from Caroline of my birthday 50 sheets of papers from Flip Flops, Winnie's Walls, Urban Window Collection and Chatters Box, Beauitful, Thanks Caroline.
We went to Cork city the next day got only socks in Marks, then went to the Cork Art Supplies shop got a few things there, dome stickers,accent, peel off, rub ons, embossed stickers, adhesive gems, paper stacks black and white and florak prints.We headed back for Caroline's place I had to go to work that night.
On Monday I did 1 lo and finished up other one only 1 lo to go now. I made some paper flowers so when I wrap the albums for Friday night I can put the flowers on top it won't look so bare. I also coved my first note book for Lisa.
On Monday night Roslyn came back from her weekend in Kilkenny, she bought a coat back for Jack, it sad.
Last night I went to the movie to see The Sentinel with Michael Douglas, it was good.