Friday, December 28, 2007


On the 29th of November Ann and myself set out for Shannon airport at 6 on the Thursday morning. Took off from Shannon and landed in Dublin for an hour and then took off for OHare's airport in Chicago.
We got to the hotel all my 6 boxes of scrap goodies were waiting for me. That night we went to see the musical Wicked. It was brilliant. Walked back to the hotel and fell into bed. Ann had me up every morning at 4.30.
On the Saturday we met up with Gwen and she drove us to Oakley Mall outside the city which was great to see the houses and sights along the way. It was snowing that day for a few hours. We then met up with Luanna at Archiver's at Freeveiw. Wow what a store everything under one roof. I got a few things and my tote bag at Archiver's.Thank you Gwen for a great day.

We did lots of shopping, sight seeing and taking lots of photos.
Chicago is beautiful, clear and friendly city.
We came back home on 4th of Decbemer, on Tuesday around 3 it started to snow there was a snow stomer on it's way, but we took off on time.