Sunday, February 25, 2007


I got 4lo's for Michelle Ryan 21st album done over the last two week, I won't post the the last one because I think there is something missing from it.
When to the movies last Sunday to see The Queen and the Sunday before that I went to see Music and Lyrics, which were both very good.
Two weeks ago I went to Cork city with Caroline shopping. We went to M&S, got a few things there.
Lisa was home for the week, she now teaching in a school in Monaghan until the end of May.
Lisa and her gang were there and Michelle took a few photos.
Got 2 CD'S by John Legend which are very good. I like all the songs.
Simone wants to to do 100 wedding invitations for her wedding.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Did my first canvas work which I did for Yvonne of her new house called Home sweet home. It was fun working on it, I must get a few more over the weekend.
Paid for classes in Crafteire this morning. I will be taking 8 classes, this is my first time going to it, looking forward to it.
This is the flower arrangement that I did last Tuesday night.

Monday, February 05, 2007


I did my first lo for 2007 two week ago, it's for my family tree. I am happy with it.
Went to the movies yesterday to The Queen, it's was enjoyable. Then I came home to get ready to go to the Greyhound the see Midnite Cafe, brilliant as always.
I got my ATC finished over the weekend to send to America for the the club scrap 9 person swap. The theme for the swap is called Be My Valentine.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Flower Arrangment

Went back to Killarney two weeks ago to do the flower arrangment course again for the next 7 weeks. I am enjoying this time around. This is the arrangment that I did last week.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Shayne Ward

On the Friday night I was working in the bar Midnite Cafe were playing, brilliant as always. Went to Caroline place last Saturday afternoon to go and see Shayne Ward's concert.It was a very good concert, loved all the music. I got some lovely photos. Only 11 rows from the stage, great veiw.

Craft Fair

On the 15th of November 2006, Caroline and myself had a table at the Christmas craft fair in Meadowlands Hotel from noon until six that evening. We did very well, I sold my cross stitch Kiss to Georgina, sorry to see it go but it went to a good home. Got into the Kerryman the following week.

New York City

On the 29th of November 5 ladies travelled to New York city to shop, shop, shop and shop. We got off the plane went to the Merriott hotel in Newart in New Jersey booked in and droped off all the bags in Elise and my room, the other three ladies were staying in NYC. We hit the shops then in Jersey Gardens, great mall. The other three ladies had to take a cab into NYC that night. On the friday the next day Elise and myself were up at 5 in the morning, I didn't feel like we were in NYC until we got into the city it self. We went to Ground Zone and to the church across the road from it Saint Paul's. Very, very sad. We had lots of coffee from Starbucks to keep us going.
That night Elise and myself went to the musical The Color Purple which we had booked from home months before we left. It was a brilliant show. We had to get a train from the NYC to Newark met a very nice guy and he told his life story and what train to take and went to get off. Got to bed that night at 2 in the morning, very very tried.
The next morning Saturday Elise and myself booked a cab from the hotel for the whole day our driver was Larry. The three went to Michael's got a few crafty bits there, then we went back to the hotel and picked up the other 3 ladies and went out to Woodbury Common, stayed there for the day.
We left there and headed back to NYC at 9.30. The cith was beautiful at night with all the light, we saw the New York Giants on their buses.
On Sunday we packed our bags and then went to do more shopping, we met a few ladies that were over for the week shooping. We went back to the hotel had something to eat, then we left for the airport.


This is the list of movies I went to since last November.
Step Up, Casino, Hoilday, Dejavu,Museum and Apocalypto. The one that was very good would be Dejavu.