Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dream Come True

On the 2nd of August I went to London with my cousin Elise, we left Farronfore at 9.15 and landed in Stansted. We booked into the Regent Palace Hotel in Piccadilly Circus which was just around the corner from the Piccadilly Theatre. We met Colm ( Elise's brother) at the hotel at 1 o'clock, he took us to lunch at St. Martins in the Fields. The restaurant was on an old grave yard and the church was at the back. The profits from this went to the up keep for the chruch. Then we went around the city shopping and sight-seeing, the weather was not very hot like the week before when we should have gone then only Patrick was sick. We got back to the hotel and went to the musical Guys and Dolls the stars of the show were Patrick Swayze,Adam Copper,Claire Sweeney and Kelly Price. The show was excellence, after the show we waited outside to see Patrick after an hour he came out to the crowd and gave a little speech and then went back in. We waited for another 15 mins. until he came out again and some for the crowd went away. Patrick and his wife Lisa was getting into the car that was waiting for them as he shut the car door after letting Lisa into the car , then I touched his shoulder before in went around the other side of the car. I never thought that I would get to meet him, who said that dreams don't come true. We came home the next day.

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