Saturday, June 16, 2007


On the 6 June George Michael was on in concert in the RDS. The lighting was absolutely fabulous, every song had a different lighting. It was a pity that it was bright when the concert started we didn't appreciate the full affects of the lights until it got dark.
The show started at 8 o'clock had an interval for 15 mins and was over at 11.45. He came back on stage and sang one song which was Freedom again, which was great.
He sang some of his old and new songs, there was only two songs that I didn't like. My favourite song would be Faith.
We met Keith Duffy at the concert, Lisa my daughter was with me.
I am not a great fan of George Michael's but I would like some of his songs. His concert was fantastic I would go again.


JACKIE said...

Great photos Maura, My sisters went to the concert too and thought it was fantastic =0)

Tigger's rambling said...

Fantastic photo's Maura :-)

JACKIE M said...

Just tagged you Maura , Check my blog =0)